D.K. Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. who we are

Who we are

“Destiny is not matter of chance; it is a matter of Choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved”

With these thoughts embedded and deep-rooted in the mind of Mr. D.K. Shetty at a very tender age and path of realization of this dream was just a natural phenomenon. Hailed from a humble village in Southern part of Karnataka and stepping into the shores of “The Mumbai” – the land of opportunities – was a transformation in his life. Faced with daunting task of survival, he perused his goals with perseverance and indomitable spirit. Never let down by academic pursuit which took back seat during his struggle, he went on burning midnight lamps by enrolling himself in night schools and accomplished the feat of acquiring graduation alongside.

“Adversity has the effect of drawing talents, which in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant”

To put an end to this ordeal and bitten by an entrepreneurial bug was the culmination of the birth of “DK Hospitality Group”, nearly three decades ago.

Social Charter of DK Group

The social consciousness of the group is manifest in its various social and charitable activities to help the less privileged section of the society.


1. Economic growth through education has been a cherished belief of the group which has been practiced through its social education endeavors.
2. Encourages and funds the employees, those financially stressed, for taking up studies in night school.
3. Pays every month to state run Govt. Schools the amount equivalent to the salary of one teacher for several decades.

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