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Our Team

For us teamwork is the capability to comprehend and recognize the diverse strengths and abilities in a group setting and then applying them to one final solution.

Lets meet our team.

Shri D.K. Shetty
Founder & Managing Director
Founder and Architect of the Company with a clear vision to foster growth, he sets the highest level of Excellency in all its functions to meet the expectations of its stakeholders. Taking an organic route to expand at national level and to venture into related areas are key growth drivers. He nurtures harmonious relations among staff and firm believer in empowerment a key for success.

Hailing from a humble village from the southern part of Karnataka, circumstances compelled him to struggle at a tender age. Stepping onto the shores of Bombay, searching for avenues to make ends meet became imperative. Realizing his academic continuity was interrupted during his struggle days, he went on to enrol in Night School (the opportunity offered for working community) and emerged successful by topping his class in SSC. Not contented with this success, he accomplished the coveted possession of �Graduation� from HR College and along side acquired �Technical Qualifications� from Government Institute as well, thus manifesting his belief system that �God helps those who help themselves�..

�Persistent optimism is a force multiplier� was another resolve, in his saga of accomplishments, taking every adversity in his stride, thus sowing the seeds of his dream venture, �DK Canteen Services� nearly three decades ago. Today, it symbolizes his ethos as he nurtures it to greater heights.

Smt. Jayanti D.Shetty
She played a pivotal role at every stage of his life and stood as his pillar of strength. While devoting the best part of her time in the upbringing of their children with the right values and principles, her creativity lies with the quality initiatives in food preparation. At D. K. H. Services, she plays an active role in defining and developing stringent quality standards in the preparation of food items at every stage and inculcates the importance of �Hygiene� as part of duty of the staff. Developing innovative food preparations in multi-cultural cuisine is another hallmark in her contribution to the company.

Dr. Rashmi Shetty.
Inspired by the goals set by her dear father, she is an academician to the core in the field of medicine and has acquired a MBBS, MD (Pathology).

Mr. Rohit Shetty
The new generation youth with a sense of business acumen, he has equipped himself with a Hotel Management degree from Rizvi�s further consolidated by his Post Graduation in Hospitality Management from the UK. He now sets the stage for ambitious growth plans under the guidance of his father. He got the craze for fitness and participated in Body-building competitions.

Professionally qualified from abroad, plays a vital role in strategizing to implement growth plans. Formulates new agenda for client engagement and improving operational efficiency. A tech savvy person he also takes the lead role in IT initiatives.

In his endeavour to spread the message of a healthy liefstyle, Rohit also manages Muscle Speaks, a gymansium started by D.K. Hospitality in collaboration with SEEPZ/MIDC authorities. You can read more about Muscle Speaks over here

Mr.Vijay M.Shetty
Director (Admin & Commercial)
Meticulously manages manpower, material and logistic support for geographically spread clients. Aligns operational strategy with client�s commitments. Overseas quality initiatives, corporate legal compliance matters, finance and general administration as a part of his portfolio.

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