D.K. Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Statutory Compliance

Statutory Compliance

Company Details
Company Name D.K. Hospitality Private Limited.
Registered Office E-259, Solaris -1,
Opp. L&T Gate No.6, Sakivihar Road,
Powai,Mumbai 400 072.
Landline 022-2857 4461/62 Ext:- 31,32,33,34 & 35
Direct Line 022 2858 1133
Fax 022 2858 1112
Email ID info@dkhospitality.com
Website www.dkhospitality.com
Registration Details
Shop & Establishment No. L-II/011991
PF No. MH/91143
ESIC No. 31-29616-102
Service Tax No. ST/M-II/BAS/REGN/1896/0405
VAT RC No. 400072S6340
CST RC No. 400072C5797
VAT Tin No. 27930118407V
CST Tin No. 27930118407C
Professional Tax No. PT/R/1/1/30/4783
MIWF MUM-11654
TDS No. MUMD11981E
Bank Details
Bank Name icici Bank Ltd
Bank Address Galleria, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai - Mumbai 76
IFS Code of Branch ICIC0000020
NEFT No. ICIC0000020

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